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Welcome to ClearPath Orthodontics, invisible braces and aligners for great smile.

Guided by focus on our proprietary process, we at ClearPath strive relentlessly to provide new improved quality aligners to our customers. ClearPath has improved and developed its own unique manufacturing process with the help of highly skilled and trained research team. We have crafted tools and software applications to ensure a quality product and customer satisfaction. ClearPath successfully completed a number of clinical trial cases before it was introduced for clinical use in 2008. ClearPath was incorporated in 2007 and in past 7 years it has extended its customer base across the globe. Most of our staff members have over 10 years of experience in the field of clear orthodontics. With such rich experience and dental background ClearPath Orthodontic system uses its patented methodology to serve the needs of both doctors and their patients.

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Why ClearPath Aligners?

  • LOCAL PRESENCE: We have a local team to provide the Orthodontist fraternity with both logistic and clinical support.
  • CLEAR: ClearPath is virtually invisible. Hardly anyone gets to know your patient is straightening teeth. So now they can align their teeth and get the smile they always desired without having any social inhibitions.
  • ACCURACY of regeneration of patient occlusion without any digital data manipulation, eliminating any potential inaccuracy of appliance fit.
  • MORE CONTROL OVER TREATMENT with our batch aligner shipment products where treatment can be modified in between batches during the course of treatment.
  • SUPERIOR CLARITY OF ALIGNERS compared to other aligners available in the market which makes it more transparent and a hygienic choice.
  • FASTER TURNAROUND TIME from the time a case is received to the time aligners are shipped back to the doctor.
  • UNLIMITED MODIFICATIONS to the diagnostic setup are allowed.
  • ACCURACY OF THE VERTICAL RELATION established at the beginning and at the end of treatment through a unique articulation process.
  • QUALITY ensured at each step of the process monitored by trained and experienced dental staff members.
  • ACCURATE AND PRECISE IPR using original patient dentition without any digital error introduced to it.
  • BETTER TREATMENT OUTCOME Original Patient Data used during the whole manufacturing process from casting to treatments and aligner fabrication which adds to the accuracy of the end product and ensures.
  • PRECISION OF MOVEMENT┬áThe entire process is designed to deliver customized aligner that moves each tooth directly along the most efficient way to achieve the desired goal. By optimizing each aligners output, you minimize the number of aligners and intermediate changes required leading to shorter treatment times for patients, and increased capacity for practice.
  • Original gum tissue is used to fabricate aligners, thus providing LESSER NUMBER OF CLINICAL MODIFICATIONS at the time of insertion of aligners.

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